Another meme, this time by Her Royal Loveliness @mummyadventure who asked for willing participants for this badboy and I duly stepped forward. Sometimes a meme is a good way to get the blogging going again if you’ve hit a bit of a hurdle. As I’ve said before, I see memes as the blogging equivalent of throwing a stick for a gleeful dog to fetch. With my brain being that gleeful dog. So I’m always up for them.

My son, 3, asks ‘Why?’ a lot. ‘Why daddy why?’ is his usual. My daughter is still young and so she hasn’t got ‘why’ yet, but I’m sure she will soon. I try to give my son an answer because when I was growing up and I asked MY mum ‘why?’ she always told me ‘Because I said so.’ My children deserve a better answer than this.

But I’ve found this one hard. I don’t ask myself ‘why?’ very much. I tend to ask myself  ‘how?’ and try to deconstruct things and analyse how they got to this state. It’s frustrating as often I have no answers.

And so it’s time for me to ask myself some why questions. Some are related to parenting, some related to life shizzle. Here goes…

  • Why do people use the phrase ‘get on like a house on fire’ when, as far as I can see, a house on fire is not a good thing?
  • Why aren’t you eating that? You ate it on Monday but why not today?
  • Why is Olly Murs?
  • Why do I feel I haven’t connected with my daughter as much I have my son?
  • Why can’t I sleep?
  • Why are bathtimes such fun for you, but the washing hair bit so horrendous?
  • Why am I crying?
  • Why do you insist on trying The Houdini when you’re strapped in the the car seat?
  • Why won’t you give me a straight answer?
  • Why do I suffer from depression?
  • Why won’t they try to make up and try to find some common ground?
  • Why do you go a beetroot colour when doing a poo?
  • Why do they insist on pairing Claire Balding and Willy Carson together when he’s so short and she’s so tall?
  • Why is your face so big? We could stick you on the side of a house and get decent satellite reception.
  • Why did you just walk past me without saying anything when a few months back you’d stop and chat?
  • Why can’t someone give me something to just take this pain away?
  • Why is your child so rude?
  • Why did I do that?
  • Why do cashpoint machines now have a farking movie going on when you simply want to take some money out as quickly as possible?

I would tag others on this but I’ve found this very hard and so I don’t want others to struggle. If you want to have a go then please feel free and come back here and link to your version, but for the moment, if you can, check out @mummyadventure and @babberblog who’ve done this so much better than I.

Thanks for reading.

5 responses to “Why?

    • Thanks for reading, commenting and retweeting. Sometimes questions need an answer. Other times it’s okay to just ask ‘Why?’

  1. Why is olly Murs is one of life’s biggest questions and I don’t think we will ever know.

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