New Blog Alert

And so I’m back, and back to blog anew. Thanks for all your kind words and tweets while I had my time in the wilderness. For a few days I think I went a little bit bonkers, but I’m alright now. Well, alright is pushing it a bit. I’m okay. And that’s a good starting point I think.

This is a new blog and I’ll be doing things slightly differently from now on, just so you know. It’s the same me, but just a little different. Version 2.0, with go faster stripes and alloys. I’ll still be ranting about things that arse me off, I’ll still be spaffing nonsense into the interweb, and I’ll still be doing memes, ‘cos I love them bad boys. Some subjects I’m not going to touch, and that’s fair.

I’ve taken the old blog down, as you probably know, and I’m slowly putting on some of the posts I enjoyed writing under the heading ‘Stuff from my old blog.’ If you’ve not had a look before and have a few minutes to kill then please dive in. There might be something you like, want to comment on or share and experience or a story. Obviously, taking the old blog down meant I lose all the wonderful comments people took the time to write. I wish to thank you all for the time you’ve taken reading and commenting in the past. It truly means a lot to me and your encouragement and kind words have kept me going through some pretty dark times.

So, let’s have another go eh? But this time I know it’s going to be so much better. I can feel it in my water.

In the meantime, the gorgeous @sunnivaanne kindly hosted a guest post of mine. It’s here and if you want to take a look then please do, but please also take time to look through her amazing blog while you’re there. Some of her photos of food make me want to eat my screen. I may have been known to have a cheeky lick from time to time.

Thanks for reading.


41 responses to “New Blog Alert

    • Thanks. I think we all need go faster stripes at times but I’m not getting a spoiler put on my back. πŸ™‚

  1. Hello there … again … loving your new look … minimal … cool … like the fonts and simple feel of it – no clutter, just let the words do the talking. It will be nice to have you back in my inbox again!

  2. Welcome back my good man and love the new blog title, simple but effective. Have subscribed

  3. Really glad you’re back in the blogging world. The Internet is a far more exciting place with you in it.

    Welcome home.


  4. Well, that’s a relief! I hated having to delete you from my bookmarks bar. Now I have to work oput how to put you back on. Have been low-profile myself recently, but am planning a new blog (you read it here first) so will try to get out more.

  5. Hooo Rahdy Raaa!! You’re back *Beams* Love the new blog, go faster stripes and alloys. No fluffy dice required! Will be following you as always, in a non stalkerish kind of way. Missed your blogtastic wittyness x x

    • Many thanks. I am back and hopefully it’ll be a bit more of the same, with some other stuff thrown in for good measure.
      I might even bring back crafty corner. πŸ™‚

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